To become an excellent laboratory in the development of science in the field of computer mediated communication or human-computer interaction.


  1. Supporting the tri darma activities of higher education in the field of information and communication technology.
  2. Developing science and technology in the fields of computer mediated communication, human-computer interaction and digital literacy.
  3. Increase contributions and cooperation with various parties by developing products resulting from innovation and creation in the field of CMC / HCI and digital literacy.

Program kerja

Program kerja
  1. Facilitate practicum activities in courses that require practicum facilities in the form of computers and the internet.
  2. Become a laboratory for making interactive learning media (multimedia).
  3. Provide e-learning access.
  4. Facilitate research and community service activities for lecturers who need computer and internet facilities.
  5. Facilitate other activities of the fikom academic community that require a CMC Lab.
  6. Organize trainings related to CMC/HCI and digital literacy.




No. Item Name Specifications Number of Units
New (2013 Procurement)
1 All in One Desktop Intel Core i3-2120, 2GB DDR3, 1TB HDD, DVD±RW, 784MB Intel HD Graphics VGA (Shared), Camera, Audio, GbE NIC, WiFi, 21.5″ WXGA 30
2 Server Xeon E3-1220, 2GB (1x2GB) PC3-10600E DDR3 UB ECC, 250GB 7.2k SATA HDD, 16x DVDROM, 16MB Maxtor VGA, GbE NIC, Tower Case 1
3 All in One Printer A4, 4800 x 1200 dpi, Black/White 8 ppm Print, Color 7.5 ppm Print, 1200 dpi Scan, Black/White 6 cpm Copy, Color 5.5 cpm Copy, Fax, Wireless, Tray 1# 80, USB 1
4 Speaker 2.0 Speaker System, 50 watts RMS 3
5 Camera and Video Microphone Camera and Camcorder Microphone, 3.5″ Connector 1
6 Camera and Video Microphone Camera and Camcorder Microphone, Three step PAD – 0, -10, -20dB, 9V battery powered 1
7 Microphone Camera and Camcorder Microphone, Three step PAD – 0, -10, -20dB, 9V battery powered 1
8 Printer A4, 4800 x 1200 dpi, Black/White 16 ppm Print, Color 12 ppm Print, Tray 1# 60, USB 1
1 Desktop i3 16
2 Printer 1

Fasilitas Lainnya




  1. Operation System (OS) Windows 8, 64 Bits
  2. Microsoft office 2013

Software by request:

  1. SPSS
  2. ……


All computers are connected to the internet network.

Other Facilities

  1. Projector (1 unit)
  2. AC (2 units)
  3. Shoe rack

Prosedur Penggunaan Lab

  1. The study program submits data on practicum courses to the Vice Dean I every year. semester.
  2. The head of the laboratory collects data on practicum courses from the Vice Dean I.
  3. MK lecturers submit schedules and software needs and the number of students who will using the CMC Lab to the Head of the Laboratory by filling out the form that has been provided.
  4. The laboratory checks if there are any requests for software and other equipment that have not been requested. available in the laboratory, as well as checking whether the laboratory capacity can meet the needs and checking the CMC lab usage schedule. by other courts.
  5. If there are concurrent schedule requests and insufficient capacity, then the laboratory officer reschedules the request and asks the lecturer to adjust the schedule and divide the class according to the laboratory capacity.
  6. The laboratory prepares a schedule for the use of the laboratory and proposes software and other equipment in accordance with the lecturer’s request to the Vice Dean I with a copy of to the Vice Dean II.
  7. The laboratory sends a copy of the CMC Laboratory usage schedule to the Fikom PDI roster regarding the use of the CMC Laboratory.

Peminjaman Ruang dan Alat

  1. Borrowing tools / goods / facilities and infrastructure owned by the CMC Laboratory in terms of its responsibility is held by the head of the laboratory and assisted by senior instructors and laboratory user lecturers.
  2. Borrowing tools / goods / facilities and infrastructure owned by the CMC Laboratory and involving outside parties (outside the Fikom academic community), must be known and approved by the Faculty.
  3. The priority use of the laboratory at this time is for practicum activities.

Tata tertib

Tata tertib
  1. Students and lecturers or course instructors are present according to the practicum schedule.
  2. Practitioners must bring a practicum card (or be registered in the course).
  3. During the practicum, practitioners must dress modestly, wear a shirt, and take off their shoes and put them in the place provided.
  4. One computer unit is used by one practitioner.
  5. Practitioners fill in the practicum attendance list.
  6. Eating, drinking, smoking and littering are prohibited in the laboratory.
  7. Practitioners are required to follow all practicum modules. If practitioners are unable to attend, they must notify or ask permission from the lecturer or course instructor.
  8. Practitioners are required to bring a practicum module.
  9. The lecturer gave a pre-test before the practicum. All practitioners are expected to have prepared themselves before participating in the practicum.
  10. Practitioners check the completeness of the equipment (computer, wireless connection (if you need internet), etc., before the practicum. If there is damage or the internet connection is not working properly, immediately report to the lab manager.
  11. Practitioners are not allowed to replace or take laboratory equipment without the knowledge and approval of the lab head or his assistant.
  12. Save the exercise files on a personal storage device, the laboratory manager is not responsible for the loss of exercise files in the laboratory.
  13. Practitioners are not allowed to leave the practicum room without the permission of the lecturer or practicum instructor before there is a sign of completion of the practicum.
  14. Practitioners who damage laboratory inventory (practicum equipment, etc.) must replace it. The practicum grade will not be issued if the practitioner has not replaced the equipment.
  15. After the practicum, practitioners clean up the practicum tools: after each practicum, the computer, air conditioner and lights are turned off.
  16. Use of the laboratory outside working hours or outside the schedule must be authorized by the head of the laboratory.