The Center for Health Communication Studies is a forum for academics and researchers who focus on scientific development and improving the quality of biopsychosocial health communication. Overseeing studies in the field of health communication with a personalistic and naturalistic approach, health information in the media, mental health, reproductive health, health promotion, health literacy, and doctor and patient communication. The Center for Health Communication Studies tries to find various models of health communication with a holistic approach.

The Center for Environmental Communication Studies is a forum for academics and students who have an interest in conducting research, training, and providing environmental communication scientific services such as media management, information management socialization, organizational communication, communication audits, ethics and regulations, as well as empowerment to provide perspectives and solve problems. issues related to environmental management and preservation.

The Center for Communication, Media and Culture Studies aims to become a center for the development of communication, media and culture studies and to contribute to society directly or indirectly in addressing various issues related to communication and media.
Various activities are held to encourage and facilitate the participation of lecturers and students, especially postgraduates at Fikom Unpad in research activities, discussions, workshops and publications either independently or in collaboration with other parties or institutions.