“To become a study program that excels in the field of Media Production Management and is able to compete at the national, regional and international levels in 2026”.


The Communication Studies Program is one of the leading study programs at the Faculty of Communication, Padjadjaran University. Armed with his experience, the Communication Studies Program continues to grow to become the most popular study program at Padjadjaran University.

Students who study at the Library and Information Science Study Program of the Faculty of Communication Sciences Unpad will learn and have competence in the field of managing various information resources such as library materials, data, archives, documents, knowledge and various types, formats and packaging of other information. Not only that, they are also required to be able to manage various types of information institutions such as libraries, information centers, documentation centers, institutions or archive units and even museums.

The Journalism Study Program will equip graduates with special knowledge (journalism knowledge, knowledge of social research concepts and relevant supporting knowledge), skills (managerial and practical) character graduates who have strong ideals, adhere to professional norms and ethics, have standards, critical and skeptic, honest, have a high curiosity, dare to accept challenges, discipline and obey the rules of the profession, have the courage and an open mind, as well as communication skills and technology literacy to optimize journalistic practice.

Communication Management Study Program is a study program that focuses its studies on corporate and marketing communication. Communication Management Study Program aims to produce graduates who have basic communication skills, have managerial skills, understand and can apply theoretical aspects of communication, master information and communication technology, have the ability to analyze situations, formulate communication problems and develop alternative solutions, design marketing communication strategies and manage tools. -promotional tools, can practice leadership communication, can manage communication human resource development programs within the company and can audit the implementation of business and marketing communications.
The Fikom Unpad Public Relations study program has a mission to produce professionals in the field of Public Relations to meet the needs of human resources who are ready to compete in the Globalization Era, develop concepts (theoretical and practical approaches) that are effective in building a positive image of corporate or government institutions, and support the smooth running of the community. national system in providing Public Relations experts.
Television and Film Studies Program, Faculty of Communication, Padjadjaran University, is an educational institution that acts as a center for developing knowledge and expertise in the field of television and film that produces professional human resources who uphold ethics and cultural values.


“To be the organizer of the leading and superior Master of Communication Science Education Program at the national and international level in 2026”


The Doctoral Program in Communication Studies is a doctoral program with an emphasis on specific studies in the communication family, as a complete level of education in the field of Communication Studies. With a curriculum that focuses on research aspects, the doctoral program in Communication Science is a place where the latest scientific concepts and theories of communication are developed for academics and researchers.