Faculty Senate

Faculty Senate is assigned to give consideration and supervision to the Dean of the Faculty in academic implementation within the Faculty.


Departments are assigned to plan needs, develop competence, control structural and functional workloads, and evaluate the performance of lecturers. The functions are as follows:

  1. Developing and executing department work plans in line with the vision, mission, objectives, and work plans of the Faculty;
  2. Proposing departmental budgets in accordance with the main duties and functions of departments;
  3. Ensuring the competence and professionalism of lecturers in implementing duties in accordance with their academic position;
  4. Coordinating with the director of human resources in the context of facilitating lecturers’ further education and career development;
  5. Proposing lecturers’ assignments in teaching and research to the Dean by taking into account submissions from study programs and study centres;
  6. Providing recommendations to the Dean in the placement of lecturers at structural positions at the Faculty by considering the lecturers’ workload;
  7. Providing recommendations to the Dean to assign lecturers in accordance with their expertise to meet the demand for professional services;
  8. Developing, evaluating, and monitoring the development of lecturers’ academic career;
  9. Monitoring and developing the scientific reputation of lecturers in the form of citation index;
  10. Coordinating the placement of lecturers in the implementation of cooperation utilization of lecturers’ expertise by other parties, such as the government, regional government, private, or community;
  11. Ensuring the fulfillment of the lecturers’ needs at the study program level in the number and competence in accordance with the proposed study program;
  12. Ensuring the alignment of duties and the implementation of the lecturers’ Tridharma between the needs of the study program and the study centres with the direction of lecturer career planning and development;
  13. Developing lecturers to meet standards competence of lecturers to achieve performance in accordance with the Faculty strategic plans;
  14. Monitoring and evaluating the performance of lecturers in the departments;
  15. Monitoring the submission process of lecturers’ functional career promotion;
  16. Coordinating activities that demonstrate the expertise of lecturers who collected in the department through periodical publications and/or dissemination of research results, community service, and innovation through scientific activities at national and international levels;
  17. Reporting on the implementation of departmental activities to the Dean of the Faculty; and
  18. Providing consideration for departmental staff performance appraisal to the Deputy Dean for Resources and Organizations.